ANDREW LOGAN MUSEUM OF SCULPTURE'S HOME HEROES is a colourful crafting pack to create a coaster or work of art at home and help occupy you and your children. Based on the Museum's ever-popular workshops, these packs come in either natural or colourful selections, and this colourful version includes:

1 x square wood blank coaster

1 x pot of grout

1 x wooden knife for spreading grout

1 x pot of glitter

1 x pair of gloves

1 x bag of mixed colourful decorating materials

1 x Instruction leaflet

You may like to work like Andrew Logan himself and add your own found materials: a special stone, small toy, coin or broken jewellery.  You could make a functioning coaster, create an artwork for the wall, or add a hole and some cord to make a necklace.

As part of Welsh Museums Festival week, Andrew Logan will be choosing his favourite from photos sent to the Andrew Logan Museum of Sculpture by 1 November 2020. The winner will receive an annual Family Museum pass – start date to suit winner - with goodies for the runners up.

Available to order now, with limited numbers so don't miss out. Packs will be posted from 25 October onwards and a post and packaging charge of £3.99 will be added to each order.

Please note: These packs contain small beads and are not suitable for small children. Parental guidance required. The Andrew Logan Museum of Sculpture does not accept any responsibility for materials used in a manner for which they are not intended and not following instructions correctly.

Covid Safety information: The packs have been put together following risk assessed safe methods with mask and glove wearing at all times.