This elegant china mug was created in 2016 to celebrate 25 years of visitors to the Andrew Logan Museum of Sculpture, in Berriew, Wales.

The mug features a moon and cosmic egg design with a silver-mirrored finish on a white, fine china, straight-sided mug.  The bottom of the mug has an inscription saying, "Drink and be Merry, Luv Andrew."  The approximate dimensions are 8cm in diameter, 10.2 cm high and the mug weighs 243g.

Andrew Logan had always dreamed of opening a museum to share with the world his unique approach to life and art. He wanted the museum to be a vibrant space to display examples of work he had created over the decades and to stage events that would share his vision and skill for curating performance and spectacle.

In 1991, his dream became a reality when the Andrew Logan Museum of Sculpture opened to the public.  Within the museum you will find pieces of sculpture, mirrored portraits, water colours, jewellery and photos from the mid-sixties to the present day.  The museum is a delightful and absorbing experience that combines entertainment, sentiment, humour and fantasy in a manor that is suitable for all ages.  It is a small independent museum and a registered charity, run by a Board of Trustees and income is received from entrance fees, Friends’ subscriptions and retail sales.