This Andrew Logan sculpture at a glance is a surreal depiction of a portrait.  Andrew has used a white plaster bust as the base of the work, from which an elegant white column emerges, framed with a jewel encrusted scarf, with a piece of coal balanced on the top.  It represents carbon being squeezed into dripping diamonds through the passage of time.

The sculpture was created by Andrew Logan in 1981 and is named 'From Time to Time'.  It portrays the transformation of something as simple as a lump of coal into something far more glamorous such as sparkling diamonds, over a long length of time.

The base of the artwork is a white plaster bust which has been signed and dated by Andrew Logan.  The scarf of jewels which adorns the neck of the bust, includes one large and four small oval crystals, eight teardrop-shaped crystals, more than 20 round facetted crystals of various sizes, numerous mirror fragments and a sprinkling of silver glitter.  The white column that emerges out of the jewels, has an ornate pilaster at the top which bears the piece of coal and five additional crystals that drip down towards a circle of 'diamond dust', created by white, silver and black glitter.

The overall height of the piece is 39 cm

The bust measures approximately 26 by 11 cm wide and has a height of 11 cm

The weight of the piece is around 3.5 kg

Due to the high value, weight and delicate nature of the sculpture it requires specialist shipping. A trackable, signed-for delivery within the UK will cost in the region of £200, however, if the sculpture is collected from Berriew, or a cheaper delivery alternative becomes available, a refund will be offered for postage and packaging. International shipping will be calculated on an individual basis.