Andrew Logan brooches are handcrafted and unique, as this visionary British artist is always exploring new creative designs and often uses recycled materials. His unisex brooch pins can be a statement piece and each brooch bears Andrew Logan’s signature.  This curious brooch was created by Andrew Logan in 2015 and named 'Peace'. 

The brooch pin features a small gold coloured gun and a piece of dark brown textured glass laid over lime green resin decorated with bright green glitter.  The base of the brooch is made with from a rectangle of smooth glass with a silver textural pattern beneath.

This striking brooch measures approximately 4 by 5.5 cm at its widest points and is reasonably lightweight weighing 22 g.  It has an additional layer of orange/brown resin at the rear of brooch and can be attached to a chosen garment using a gold coloured safety pin embedded in the resin, or it could be attached to a keyring using the hoop on the base of gun.