Andrew Logan jewellery includes brooches, which are handcrafted and unique as this visionary artist never makes more than one brooch of the same design. Often the brooch pin is a statement piece and, as with all Andrew Logan’s works of art, it bears his signature and the date it was created.  The turquoise brooch was made 2019 and Andrew Logan hopes this one-off, designer piece of wearable sculpture brings you joy.

This turquoise brooch has been named 'Jewel' and has three glass crystals, one turquoise crystal, four turquoise beads, a piece of green/turquoise holographic material and numerous chips of turquoise stone.  These design elements have been laid over resin and embellished with variegated lilac and turquoise glitter.

The brooch measures approximately 7 by 7.5 cm and weighs 60 g.  It can be attached to your favourite garment by a safety pin embedded in the reverse that has been painted gold.