Unique wearable art by Andrew Logan includes a collection of bold statement necklaces and contemporary designer necklaces, all handcrafted and signed by Andrew Logan. This bold statement necklace, affectionately named 'Len' was designed by Andrew Logan in 2014 and is a one-off designer piece of wearable sculpture.

This unconventional pendant necklace is designed around a piece of bronze coloured patterned glass that is set over black resin, with a pair of Indian eyes above to make a face.  Five metal engraved beads add extra detail and dimension and the pendant hangs from necklace of amber coloured beads.  The pendant has been embellished further with orange/bronze glitter and a pewter coloured glass marble suspended by a metal fitment.

A safety pin has been embedded at the rear of the pendant to enable 'Len' to be worn as a brooch, if preferred as the bead part of the necklace can be detached.  The necklace has a length of approximately 49 cm and the pendant measures 7.5 cm at the top of the head and has a length of 8.5 cm, with the marble adding an additional 3 cm.  Overall the necklace weighs 141 g.