Andrew Logan bowties are ingenious pin brooches that can be used on a shirt, as a substitute for a formal bowtie, or as a lapel brooch adding a touch of glamour.  Each piece of Andrew Logan jewellery is unique and bears Andrew Logan’s signature.  This distinctive bowtie was made in 2018 for a fashion show by Mainsh Arora. Andrew Logan hopes this one-off piece of wearable sculpture brings joy to the wearer.

The bow tie brooch features 15 pieces of turquoise mirror glass laid over turquoise resin, drawn into a bow tie shape.  At the centre of the bow is a pale blue bead decorated with a gold vehicle image and the edges of the resin are embellished with variegated silver and turquoise glitter to create extra shimmer.

The brooch measures approximately 13 by 12 cm at its widest point and weighs 55g.  A safety pin is embedded in the resin at the rear, to allow you to attach to your chosen garment.