Unique wearable art by Andrew Logan includes a collection of bold statement necklaces all handcrafted and signed by Andrew Logan. This amazing necklace was designed by Andrew Logan in 2019 and he named it 'Mickey and the Bubbles'.  Andrew Logan hopes his one-off piece of wearable sculpture brings you joy.

The pendant necklace features the image of Mickey Mouse made out of small diamante-type crystals in black, silver, gold, lilac and purple colours. Three small red crystals are used for his bow tie and buttons and three black crystals are used for his eyes and nose.  Mickey is laid over pale resin and the edges embellished with gold glitter.  From the famous mouse's outstretched arms are eight circular discs of silver mirror, set into resin which has been drawn as if he is juggling the bubbles.  The edges of this resin are encrusted with mainly silver glitter, with a few multi-coloured flecks to extra sparkle.

A metal hook protrudes from the top of the pendant necklace and it hangs from a silver coloured metal chain.  The approximate dimensions of the pendant are 14 by 14 cm and the chain length is around 41 cm.  The necklace and chain combined, weighs 120 g.  A safety pin has been embedded in the white resin at the rear of the pendant which would allow you to detach the chain and wear 'Mickey and the Bubbles' as a brooch, should you prefer.  Either way, this is a unique, dazzling piece which is sure to attract attention when worn.