This sculpture is part of a series of works created to the theme of 'Small is Beautiful'. At first glance this sculpture is full of humour and joy. However, as the title reveals, it has a greater spiritual depth which is a thread that runs through most of Andrew Logan’s work, the more you look the more you see.

Andrew Logan created this sculpture in 2012, named ‘Mr Ying and Yang’. It represents an Atlas like figure who, instead of holding the weight of the world on his shoulders, is balancing the universe. The main figure is made from a toy Troll’s body with his face obscured by a globe. This sphere is a three dimensional representation of the symbol of the ancient Chinese philosophy ‘ying and yang’; the concept describing how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary in the natural world.

The sculpture is embedded in a black resin base, adorned with six small plastic figures set amongst a sea of repurposed pearl beads of varying sizes. The small models give the central figure a super-size proportion, as it rises out of the centre of the plinth carrying its heavy load. The sphere takes the place of the figure’s head and is created using black and grey glass and silver mirror fragments, laid over cream and black resin following the pattern of ying and yang. The cosmic ball is embellished further with mainly black and gold glitter, with some sporadic flecks of blue and green and seven black crystals arranged in a circle on both sides. Two clear crystals, one cuboid and one facetted sphere, are also embedded in the resin towards the underside of the globe.

The plinth of the sculpture measures approximately 11 by 12 cm and the sphere’s diameter is around 11 cm. The height of the sculpture is approximately 17 cm and it weighs 331 g. The underside of the resin base has been signed and dated by Andrew Logan.

The Mr Ying and Yang sculpture formed part of the Artists’s collection for some years, until he and his partner Michael bought the Lion hotel in Berriew. They transformed it into an Art Hotel where the sculpture has been displayed within its Rheiw gallery and is now released for sale online.