Each piece of Andrew Logan’s jewellery is a unique work of art.  These clip-on earrings were crafted by Andrew Logan in 2020 and as with all his work, they are signed and dated.

This pair of bold orange, clip-on earrings feature four segments of silver mirror embedded in black resin to form a quartered circle.  The edges are encrusted with orange glitter and there is a small, metal loop at the base of the disc, from which a vibrant orange, teardrop-shaped bead is suspended.

The clip-on earrings have comfortable clips embedded in the rear and the pair of earrings weigh 16g.  The circular part of the earrings have a diameter of approximately 3.5cm and the orange drops are around 2cm long by 1 cm wide.  Overall, the length of the earring is around 5.5 cm.