Andrew Logan painted this original watercolour on 27 February 2006 in Nek Chand’s Rock Garden in Chandigarh, India. He met Nek (before he sadly passed away) and they exchanged gifts and Andrew painted this image of a tiger sculpture formed from broken tiles.

Nek Chand began making sculptures out of industrial trash he found at demolition sites scattered around his northern Indian hometown, Chandigarh, in Punjab in the 1960’s. Chand cleared a small area in the jungle and, knowing it was illegal, successfully hid his creation for over 18 years. Instead of fining Chand upon their shocking discovery, authorities granted him 25 acres of land to expand his dreams. With that space, he created a mesmerising sculpture garden park constructed of broken glass, tiles and Indian bangles, including waterfalls, swings and leagues of imaginary creatures which has attracted over 12 million visitor to date.

Andrew Logan's original painting has been created in watercolour on quality art paper with approximate dimensions of 14 x 10 inches, or 35.5 x 25.5 cm. It has been titled, signed and dated by Andrew Logan and is a certified original which should not be copied without Andrew Logan’s written permission. The landscape watercolour is mounted on art board and supplied without a mount. It will be securely packaged as a flat parcel and posted using tracked delivery.