Andrew Logan is a wearable art artist who delights in creating bespoke jewellery designs. Andrew Logan's earrings are handcrafted jewellery and as such, the pair is not identical and neither is there more than one pair made with the same design.  Andrew Logan hopes this one-off piece of wearable sculpture brings you joy.

The main feature of these earrings is the three irregular shaped pieces of black etched glass surrounding a central bevelled black disc, laid over a trebol shape of pale yellow resin. The resin is encrusted with mainly pale yellow and white glitter which complements the design. 

These are unique wearable pieces of art design, crafted by Andrew Logan in 2006 for a Zandra Rhodes collection and as with all his work, they are signed and dated.

Dimensions are approximately 6 by 5 cm at the widest point and each earring weighs around 15 g.  Clip-on fitments are embedded into the white resin at rear of earrings, with the addition of a silicone sleeve for added comfort to wearer.