Unique wearable art by Andrew Logan includes a collection of bold statement necklaces and contemporary designer necklaces, all handcrafted and signed by Andrew Logan. This bold statement necklace was designed by Andrew Logan in 2005 and is a one-off designer piece of wearable sculpture, however, it can also be easily detached from the pearl beads and worn as a brooch.

Piers Place has a cross as its central feature studded with 104 small, sparkling crystals.  The cross is set into a pale resin and has a circular mirror extending from each arm and rectangular fragments of silver mirror decorating the sides.  The resin has then been decorated with a gold-coloured variegated glitter and the cross has two decorated pearl drop beads hanging from the two side arms. A clear glass, teardrop shaped bead hangs from the bottom of the pendant necklace with a silver-coloured, metal cherub suspended from it.  This bold statement necklace is hung on a pearl bead, wired necklace with a simple metal clasp at the rear.

The entire pendant necklace weighs 123g and the pearl necklace is approximately 55cm in length.  The cross measures approximately 9.5 cm in width and 12.5 cm in height.  On the reverse of the cross, a safety pin has been attached within the resin, which offers the versatility to wear the pendant as a brooch too.