This statement bangle bracelet by Andrew Logan is a stunning example of wearable art sculpture.  It features a mosaic of dark purple, concave glass fragments embedded into dark resin with the addition of more than 20 blue, round crystals and four oval, smokey grey colour glass beads.  The bangle is finished with mainly black glitter to create a distinctive piece of statement jewellery that will certainly be noticed.

As with all of Andrew Logan's creations, the purchaser can be assured that it a unique piece of wearable art that will not be replicated.  The bracelet is formed around a rigid core base which has been lined with a dark brown leather that does show some signs of aging.  It has an inside diameter of approximately 7.5 cm and an external diameter of around 17.5 cm at its widest part.  The width of the bangle is approximately 8 cm and even though it is a fairly chunky piece it feels surprisingly comfortable to wear.  The bangle weighs around 340 g.