Unique wearable art by Andrew Logan includes a collection of bold statement necklaces all handcrafted and signed by Andrew Logan. This necklace was designed by Andrew Logan in 2013 and named 'Who is the Best'.  Andrew hopes his one-off piece of wearable sculpture brings you joy.

The necklace features the Yuan symbol created in pieces of red and orange mirror glass.  Affixed between the top arms of the pendant is a silver watch face with the US dollar symbol, studded with tiny clear gemstones  and freely revolving. The design elements are laid over red resin and embellished with mainly red and silver glitter along the edges.

A golden ornate cord is attached to two red hooks at the top of the pendant to allow the symbol to be worn as a necklace.  The pendant is backed with bright red resin and signed, dated and named by Andrew Logan. The approximate dimensions of the pendant are 12 by 17.5 cm at its widest points and the length of the chord can be adjusted 38 and 70 cm.  The necklace weighs 160 g, this statement necklace would definitely create a talking point!