This glorious jewellery box was created in 2010 by Andrew Logan and named 'Sentinels of Luv'.  It has been exhibited several times; most recently at The Stash Galley & The Zetters Hotel.  As with several of his works of art, Andrew Logan revisited this piece, lining the inside of the box with gold leaf, mirror and iridescent pieces of paua shell, making it even more fabulous.  It has been on display within the Museum of Sculpture shop in Berriew and is now being releases for sale.

Andrew Logan is a sculptural artist who delights in creating visual art, which embodies artistic fantasy in a unique and unprecedented way.  He’s considered to be one of  Britain's influential artists of international stature, he enjoys creating intimate small-scale work,  in addition to larger public art works for which he is well known. 

The inspiration for the jewellery box came after a trip to New Zealand and is a glorious union of kitsch bird ornamentations, found objects, mirror and paua shell.  The Maori people believe the paua will bring connectivity and harmony to relationships. The way the colours of the shell shift in the light is also a symbol of change and transition in Maori culture.

 The top of the box is decorated with four birds, two yellow and blue in colour with orange beaks at the front and two grey and pink coloured birds at the rear.  In the centre is a large piece of paua shell, which could act as a receptacle for small jewellery items, with a piece of rock in the middle supporting an egg-shape covered with a mosaic of paua shell. The box is coated with resin and has many pieces of iridescent paua shell in purple, green and blue hues laid over it, in addition to several pieces of gold, purple, blue and green mirror.  The edges of the resin are encrusted with green, blue and purple variegated glitter.

The inside of the box is equally beautiful with gold colour mirror, etched with the word "treasure" on the lid and "from the land beyond" on the base.  The internal sides are also decorated with paua shell fragments and glitter, plus the edges of the box are embellished with a rainbow-patterned gold-leaf.  Andrew Logan has signed and named the piece by etching onto three mirror pieces at the front face of the box

The approximate measurements of this work are 15.5 cm length by 10 cm width.  The depth of the box (without ornamentation) is 6.5 cm and the overall height to top of egg is around 15 cm.  The paua shell receptacle at top of the box measures approximately 10 by 15 cm at its widest points. The internal dimensions of the box are around 11.5 by 7  by 3.5 cm and the total weight is 1.130 kg.  The base of the box is covered with a blue and silver piece of leather with a marbled pattern.

Due to the high value, weight and delicate nature of the sculpture it requires specialist shipping. A trackable, signed-for delivery within the UK will cost in the region of £100, however, if the sculpture is collected from Berriew, or a cheaper delivery alternative becomes available, a refund will be offered for postage and packaging.  International shipping will be calculated on an individual basis.