These serviette rings were created by Andrew Logan in 2017.   They feature white ceramic rings at their base, covered in white resin embedded with Andrew's signature style of cracked mirror fragments.  Each ring is further embellished with one large and two smaller, spherical glass crystals, discs of mirror and several clear facetted crystals. The edges are encrusted with silver glitter and the base of the rings have been etched with Andrew Logan's signature.

As with all of Andrew Logan's work, you can be assured that this is a unique piece of art that will not be replicated. Each ring has an internal diameter of approximately 3.5 by 4.5 cm and an external width of around 6 cm and height of 6.5 cm. Each napkin ring weighs around 75 g and the complete set weighs 449 g.

There are only 5 rings remaining in the set and should you wish to purchase all five rings, you will receive the fifth ring free.  This represents a discount of £120, if you use the code 5for4 at checkout.