Wearable art by Andrew Logan isn't just jewellery, this is a fun, eye catching pair of decorated sunglasses.  As with all Andrew Logan's works of art, this decorative pair of sunglasses is unique.  They were created in the 2021 and bears Andrew Logan's signature and the date, written in gold pen on the crown section of the glasses.

To create this example of wearable art, Andrew Logan has taken a pair of novelty sunglasses and embellished them with a mosaic of silver mirror pieces, several clear crystals, and an ornate piece of Indian art.  The design elements are laid over grey resin and encrusted with predominantly silver glitter.  The overall effect is a fabulous fashion accessory, perfect for someone who wishes to be centre of attention.

The glasses have a slight wrap-around frame with a width of approximately 17 cm and the glasses part of the frame's depth is around 5cm.  The arm of the glasses measures around 12 cm and the reverse side of the glasses and crown section have been covered in silver-leaf.  Andrew Logan hopes this one-off, designer piece of wearable sculpture brings you fun and joy.