Andrew Logan is an internationally re-known British Sculptor and this elegant swallow sculpture is created using Andrew Logan’s signature technique of mosaic glass pieces inlaid into resin. Andrew Logan is an avid traveler and this is reflected in the work he creates; with flora and fauna often featured heavily within his sculpture and artwork.  For this piece he did not have to travel far on his ‘artistic adventure’ for inspiration; with swallows flying high above his riverside home in mid-Wales.  

The bird's breast is created with painted pearly white glass, laid over pale resin and encrusted with mainly white and gold glitter. The body, wings and tail of the bird are created using black glass laid over black resin, decorated with mainly black glitter with the addition of some multi-coloured flecks for additional sparkle. The swallow's beak is enhanced with gold leaf and four black, glass beads are added to the underside of the wings. Andrew Logan has etched his signature onto one fragment of glass on the top of the tail and added the year of creation, 2019.

The swallow’s legs are made from metal rods, which is the same material used to create a perch and the long stand that the sculpture is attached to. The rod is one complete piece of metal and stands approximately 77 cm high, although this could be shortened on request.

If using the complete stand, the swallow’s height is around 84 cm from the floor to top of the head. The perch has a width of 5.5 cm and the bird's wingspan measures approximately 22 cm.  The length from tip of beak to tip of tail is approximately 15 cm and the bird alone weighs around 300 g.

This handsome swallow sculpture should be instantly recognised as Andrew Logan's work and offers someone a chance to own a small piece of Andrew's world.  He hope his sculpture will bring joy to your home.