Andrew Logan loves Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse and he has used this iconic symbol of pop culture in his work many times. He first visited Disneyland in a year out from university in 1967, when he stayed in Los Angeles with his cousin and cameraman, Al Gilkes, who took him to visit the theme park. Andrew finds it fascinating to think that this little mouse has been famous since 1928 and still has a huge following worldwide.

This sculpture which Andrew has named “The Family’ features Mickey, Minnie and a baby Mouse on a family outing in California, fully dressed, on a pink surfboard. The sculpture is featured within Andrew Logan’s Artistic Adventure book. It can be seen on display at the Rhiew Gallery in the Lion Hotel in Berriew and has now been released for sale online.

The three mice are created using 3D models that have been overlaid with resin and have a mosaic of mirror and glass pieces added to give them their characters. Minnie Mouse is the largest, wearing her traditional red and white spotted dress, red shoes and a red bow on her head. The spots on her dress are made using opal-coloured, polished, convex beads and the bow has 11 red crystals laid into red resin, with gold glitter embellishment. The silver mirror glass on her gloves and face are reflective and the gloves are edged with small clear crystals. Her tail protrudes from the red, glittered underside of her dress. Mickey Mouse is slightly smaller and is dressed in his iconic red shorts with large buttons at the front and yellow shoes made with gold mirror fragments. He has the addition of a turquoise blue, crystal and glitter bow tie. The baby mouse, at the front of the plinth is a mini, seated version of Mickey without the bow tie.

The plinth that represents a family-size surfboard is roughly heart-shaped, constructed from glass with a pink and gold, etched pattern on the underside. Andrew Logan has signed it and the edges are encrusted with small shell pieces. The pink plinth is mounted on a piece of dark resin with its edges embellished with turquoise glitter and the underside painted a bright orange colour.

The sculpture’s height is approximately 22 cm tall, with Mickey’s height being around 17 cm and the seated mouse being approximately 8.5 cm.

The plinth measures approximately 36 by 27 cm at its widest points and has a depth of around 1 cm. The weight of the sculpture is 1.06

Due to the high value, weight and delicate nature of the sculpture it requires specialist shipping. A trackable, signed-for delivery within the UK will cost in the region of £200, however, if the sculpture is collected from Berriew, or a cheaper delivery alternative becomes available, a refund will be offered for postage and packaging.  International shipping will be calculated on an individual basis.