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You've seen the Andrew Logan Fried Egg. 

Are you ready for THE PINK FRIED EGG?!

We're so excited about these new Fried Eggs, created by Andrew Logan in his Berriew studio in late 2023. This is the only PINK FRIED EGG Andrew has made to date, it is available to purchase for the first time ever now!

Andrew first created his fried egg brooches for Indian fashion designer Manish Arora for his Ready-to-Wear show for Spring/Summer 2017  in the Paris Runway.  Only three were originally made, two for the catwalk show and one was a gift to close friend and collaborator, fashion designer Zandra Rhodes.  It is a firm favourite of hers - she adds, “Of course - I now couldn’t exist without my fried egg - what an inspired brooch!  I just need a couple of chips with it.”

This statement brooch features a disc of convex glass at its centre that has been painted a rich yellowy orange colour on the underneath side. This yolk is laid over a neon pink resin that resembles a stylised egg white, embedded with unusual and exquisite pink keshi pearls, fragments of hot magenta mirrored glass, a piece of purposefully scratched pink-blue stained glass - which has many geometric angles to reflect the light. Andrew has also incorporated fragments of iridescent, oil-slick glass that shine pink - yellow to purple, and blue - green to purple. Extra dazzling details include several tiny iridescent gold and pearl opal beads that have bright refractions of light in their centre, and a small, flower shaped crystal that reflects light in all directions. The edges are sprinkled with a generous amount of iridescent, neon pink glitter, with some various coloured flecks that give the egg some additional shimmer.

The Pink Fried Egg will add joy and humour to every outfit and could also be displayed in the home. It measures 10 by 11 cm at its widest points. It has a gold coloured safety pin embedded in the resin at rear and has been signed and dated by the artist. The brooch weighs 67 g and may not be suitable to pin directly through delicate fabrics, such as silk; due to it's weight, alternatively it could be attached to a chain and worn as a necklace.

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