Andrew Logan brooches are handcrafted and unique, as this visionary artist is always exploring new creative designs and often uses recycled materials. His unisex brooch pins can be a statement piece, to compliment many outfits and each brooch bears Andrew Logan’s signature and the date it was created.  This brooch has been named 'Thru the Keyhole' and it was created by Andrew Logan in 2002.  He hopes this one-off, designer piece of wearable sculpture brings you joy.

Through this keyhole the world can be seen. Andrew uses two pieces of cut mirror to form this striking brooch. A large circular piece of clear mirror sits above a trapezium of rainbow tinted mirror, forming the shape of a keyhole. These two pieces are attached to a backing of wood with resin which is finished in iridescent glitter. The composition of this piece is uncomplicated but it is one that will never fail to catch the eye.  The clear mirror has a purposeful crack, as shown in the photographs, as Andrew believes it bring luck - just like wrinkles on a face which are a sign of a life well lived.

The dazzling brooch has approximate dimensions of 12 x 23cm at its widest parts and can be affixed using a safety pin on the reverse side.