Each piece of Andrew Logan jewellery is a one-off design, hand-made by Andrew Logan and bearing his signature.  This brooch pin was created in 1992 and has been named 'Fly With Me'.

The surprising brooch features a vintage piece of silver mirror which has a colourful hologram of Aladdin sat on a magic carpet, which can only be seen at certain angles.  The mirror is laid over resin drawn into a triangle shape with a piece of gold, red and blue mirror glass making up the tips of the triangle.  Thirteen glass, half-sphere beads are set along the bottom edge in green, red, yellow and blue colours.  All but the top tip of the triangle has its edges decorated with black glitter, whereas the red tip is embellished with gold leaf.

This magical piece of wearable sculpture measures approximately 13.5 by 10.5 cm at its widest points. It weighs 68 g and can be secured to any item using the safety pin on the reverse, or could be pinned onto a ribbon to wear as a statement necklace.