Unique wearable art by Andrew Logan includes a collection of bold statement necklaces all handcrafted and signed by Andrew Logan. This unusual necklace was designed by Andrew Logan in 2007 and named 'Turkish Delight'.  Andrew hopes his one-off piece of wearable sculpture brings you joy.

The necklace features a metal casement at the top with a central red crystal, surrounded by metal filigree work and with five metal discs suspended from chains at its base.  This is flanked by two pieces of bright orange material and eight patterned, bronze metal discs with serrated edges.  Towards the centre of the pendant are three segments of a dimpled bronze glass, two large red, glass beads, nine small, red beads, four pink crystals and seven orange, glass squares. All the design elements are laid over orange resin and encrusted with gold glitter

The pendant is backed with pale resin which has been signed, dated and named by Andrew Logan and also has a safety pin embedded within the resin, should you prefer to detach the chain and wear the pendant as a brooch.  The approximate dimensions of the pendant are 17 by 14 cm and the chain length is around 52 cm long.  The entire necklace weighs 133g and would add some Bohemian chic to your outfit.