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April: A Lady in Hay

Exhibition at Hay Castle, Hay On Wye, May 24 - Sep 22 2024

Andrew Logan's dear friend April Ashley lived in Hay during the 1980s and was a well known character in town. As well as being a Hay resident she was also a famous model and a national celebrity whose image appeared in newspapers across the country and beyond. Her story started in the poverty stricken streets of 1930s Liverpool docks. It took her to London, Paris, Spain, LA as well as Bear Street, Hay on Wye. This exhibition explores her life as a transgender pioneer - the face that the newspapers splashed on their front pages and the private person behind the make up and the glamorous clothes.

The exhibition features Andrew's stunning mirrored wall portrait of April, and a selection of vintage Wearable Art pieces from April's personal collection. Andrew has also created a collection of new Jewellery pieces which are available to purchase in the exhibition shop.

This exhibition was made possible with thanks to The April Ashley Estate and is funded by  Arts Council Wales and The Ashley Family Foundation.

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