Platinum Jubilee Brooch now available!

To celebrate the Platinum Jubilee Andrew Logan has created a stunning collection of crown brooches. Seven of these unique handmade brooches have been made and each is signed with Andrews signature and the date, as well as the initials 'JJ' and the word 'Platinum'.

There is just one of these brooches left, now available to purchase online

The crowns have been created using a selection of cracked platinum mirror fragments which have been set into resin which is moulded into the crown shape. In addition to this the brooches feature various jewels and beads and the edges are sprinkled with silver glitter making each brooch sparkle.

The brooches dimensions are approximately 6.5 by 6cm at the widest points and the brooch weighs 20g. 

This will make a wonderful memento for commemorating Her Majesty The Queen's Platinum Jubilee, or to share with the Queen in your life!

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