Please help me to raise money for British Red Cross - Ukraine Crisis Appeal

Andrew is concerned about the increasingly desperate humanitarian situation in Ukraine and has created a very special collection of heart brooches to help raise awareness and funds.  He is donating the proceeds from the sale of 'limited edition' heart brooches in the colours of the Ukrainian flag to British Red Cross's Ukraine Crisis Appeal.

Andrew Logan wearing one of his Ukraine Heart Brooches

If you purchase a 'Hearts for Ukraine' brooch you will receive a unique piece of Andrew Logan wearable art, demonstrating your support for Ukraine and marking this particular point in history.  Andrew is not keeping a penny from the proceeds and will be transferring funds as a donation to the British Red Cross charity.  The blue and yellow heart brooches are all handmade and signed by Andrew Logan.

Choose your favourite and buy one now to help support Ukraine.  Brooches featured in New Release collection.

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