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Andrew was thrilled to join Stella McCartney in Paris for the launch of her new Summer 2024 collection, styled using Andrew's iconic wearable art

Stella McCartney and her Andrew Logan Pink Heart Brooch

The pair have known each other for years, Andrew explains. 
“Stella first encountered my work in her family home toilet, where my sculpture, Feed The World was being exhibited. A little mirrored Cosmic Egg with a fork stuck through the middle. She saw it every day, and through it became familiar with my world and vision. The piece was about not only physically feeding the world but spiritually feeding the world.”

It was a huge privilege that the designer, famed for her commitment to sustainability, the environment and to no-harm-fashion reached out to Andrew and his iconic wearable sculpture to communicate her luxury brand’s philosophy and to celebrate the revealing of her new ageless and eclectic collection, which blurred the line between genders and generations.

The Marché Saxe-Breteuil in Paris was transformed into Stella’s Sustainable Market – comprising 21 stalls showcasing the innovators that contributed to the collection, including a busy Andrew Logan Pop Up Shop overseen by Andrew's 1988 portrait of dear friend and fashionista Molly Parkin.

Decorations became declarations with Stella's tailored tailcoats and tuxedos adorned with Andrew’s iconic mirrored letter brooches spelling LOVE, painted florals draped dresses spelling FREEDOM and decorated with eye-catching RED LIPS brooches.

Andrew was delighted to create a Stella portrait brooch especially for the show, which appeared on vegan leather jackets and accessories and was used to announce the new collection online.
Accessories and bags were pinned with pieces from Andrew Logan’s recent collections; Pollinator bees and ladybirds, smileys, leaves, suns and trees were all seen shimmering in the early morning Parisian sunshine.

The runway sparkled with his glittering iconic oversize mirrored bangles, stunning new mix-matched earrings, vintage sculptural pieces such as Black Beauty – a large mirrored horse and a collection of mirrored polka dots especially commissioned for the collection.

Stella says, “I have known Andrew Logan since I was a kid. He is an icon of English art. My mum and dad knew him, he was always around in my parents’ group. I’m a massive fan of his work, I have some of his pieces and I always wanted to put him on the runway and collaborate with him. This season it happened, and I’m thrilled. His wearable art is so joyous – we have JOY, LOVE, FREEDOM. It’s the spirit of youth and life. It’s everything I want to live and be. This is what we should all be surrounded by.” 

Watch the show here!

We will have a limited amount of pieces created especially for the show available to purchase online soon. In the meantime start spelling something out yourself with Andrew's wonderful mirrored Letter Brooches.

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